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    Leaders in the


    & Construction of:

    Grain Elevators

    Ethanol Facilities

    Soybean Plants

    Fertilizer Facilities

    Grain Storage

    Feed Mills


    Planning and Design

    With our design / build capabilities and turnkey service, we provide a complete planning and design service to best suit your needs.  In addition, we offer estimated costs prior to going into the final stages of engineering and pricing.


    We provide our customers with quality steel grain elevators, storage additions, feed mills, ethanol facilities, processing plants, and fertilizer plants.   We tailor your building to your specifications, budget, and building codes. Fabrication of all special design items are completed in our fabrication department.

    Construction Equipment

    We have a full line of construction equipment ranging from cranes and front-end loaders, to ground compaction equipment, and semi-tractors and trailers.  Use of our own equipment eliminates delays and lost materials in transit.  




    Thorstad Construction has 59 years of experience in the design and construction of all-steel elevators and wood construction relating to the grain and feed industry.

    Our pride is not just in past performance but in knowing our design / build system can provide a service and a project which you will be totally satisfied with.

    Our Planning and design, along with our engineering and professional services, provide the basics of quality control. Good quality control on our jobs produces a satisfied customer and a satisfied customer is our most effective future selling tool.




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    Contact Us

    For Design and Build inquiries or questions, please call: 320-367-2159 / 800-284-6720 or fill out the following:

    Main Office


    PO BOX 275

    MAYNARD MN 56260

    TEL: 800-284-6720

    TEL: 320-367-2159

    FAX: 320-367-2160


    To join our team at Thorstad Construction, Co. Inc., please send a cover letter together with your resume to: cheryl@thorstadconstruction.com